POLABOY® - Art and Light.


The authentic, uniquely warm look of a polaroid enlarged on a scale of 10:1 (to 88x107cm) and backlit.

Tradition is the foundation on which the POLABOY® is based, combined with cutting edge LED technology and consistent product design. With the POLABOY® we capture personal moments which have passed irrevocably, thus immortalising the ethereal in timeless design. Snapshots become works of art to be rewarded with our deepest appreciation.

The frame for a small piece of eternity: www.polaboy.de

polaboy format

Change your POLABOY®

polaboy frame

Thickness 20 mm, energy-saving LED area light, 5,000 lumens, 12 volts, 45 watts.

All photographs can be changed at any time with a single operation.

Colour up your POLABOY®

The top quality, fabric-covered cable comes in over 16 different colours and models. Each POLABOY® therefore has its very own personal style.

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